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In the year 4100, the 500-year war between Life and Dogma corporations ended. Reborn technology was the cause of the conflict. Thanks to this invention, in the event of the death of a human or any other sentient life form, it became possible to clone a new body and transfer the previously saved mind onto it. The religious leaders of Dogma considered this “resurrection” against the will of God.

While the most decisive battle of this conflict was unfolding, Dogma’s spies managed to disable a significant number of Reborn servers. This led to the corruption of a large amount of data, and many people who died in the battle lost their memory after recovery.

Life Corp suffered colossal casualties and lost its former influence. To this day, they are busy with the recovery of victims, paying out significant compensation. The player becomes one of them. The compensation received is just enough for a new ship that will help explore the endless Supernova Shards universe and perhaps reveal its secrets.