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In the world of Supernova Shards, divisions among people based on nationality become obsolete. Corporations have replaced states as the primary power structures, dividing up spheres of influence across known star systems and venturing into new ones.

Life Corp is a dominant force at the game’s release, wields considerable power across dozens of star systems. It’s engaged in diverse activities: resource extraction, manufacturing, and sales of various goods. Additionally, Life Corp boasts an extensive network of scientific laboratories. These hubs of innovation have secured multiple blueprints of the galaxy’s most advanced technologies, including starships. A unique feather in its cap is the exclusive patent for Reborn technology, a lucrative venture that resurrects the deceased inhabitants of its territories, ensuring a steady revenue stream.

This corporation is run by the Black Dwarf player community. We work closely with them to create the unique game. You can find out more on


Abbreviated name LFC. The logo looks like this . No more than 100m can be minted.

LFC is the corp currency and used for financial transactions. It is used for trading items on the territory of the corporation (food, weapons, armor, starships and modules for them, etc.).

LFC is an exclusive currency for which you can buy a subscription to Reborn technology (a body restoration after death), participate in the initial sale of blueprints and earn LFS.

LFC can be purchased using a credit card (Pay Pal, Amazon Pay, Paysafecard, etc.) in Epic Games Store


Abbreviated name LFS. The logo looks like this . No more than 100k can be minted.

LFS is the corp shares, which brings wealth and authority. Shareholders are entitled to a corresponding portion of the corporation’s profits. They also receive the voting right, which allows key managerial appointments, changes in taxes and other internal/external policy of the corporation.

Most of LFS belong to the founders of Black Dwarf community. To increase the demand for LFC and to attract new community members, the feature to stake LFC to earn LFS was implemented.