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What is Supernova Shards?

Supernova Shards is a sci-fi sandbox survival MMORPG in an open world featuring indirect controls and an open economy with play & earn mechanics.

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Open World

A character can wake up in a space station, equip a spacesuit and venture into space, capture a hostile ship, land on a nearby planet and continue exploring a ground base – all seamlessly and in real-time.

Character Independency

Character automated fights, work, starship flying, players give out general orders. This removes routine from the players and draws attention to more important management elements within the game.

Open Economy

Players will be able to purchase in-game tokens for fiat currency, but also exchange them back. Trades, collaborations, armed clashes, and other socio-economic relations between players will not only bring immersive gameplay but also an opportunity to earn money.

UGC Oriented

Supernova Shards is open to creators. Players can craft their own unique ship designs, equipment, space and planetary stations, narrative adventures, and other content like importing their NFT’s while being rewarded for that. Thanks to this approach, the game world will receive regular and multicultural updates.


Q1 2020


  • Game design document
  • Prototype
  • Promo gameplay trailer
  • Pitch deck
Q1 2021


  • Hiring
  • Detailed documentation
  • Public announcement
  • Seed token sale
Q2 2022


  • Scaling of hiring
  • Community growth
  • Private & public token sale
Q3 2023


  • Regular public builds
  • Real economy
  • Start of promotion
Q4 2024


  • Marketing
  • Updates
  • Tools for creators


In the year 4100, the 500-year war between Life and Grobo corporations ended. Reborn technology was the cause of the conflict. Thanks to this invention, in the event of the death of a human or any other sentient life form, it became possible to clone a new body and transfer the previously saved mind onto it. The religious leaders of Grobo considered this “resurrection” against the will of God.

While the most decisive battle of this conflict was unfolding, Grobo’s spies managed to disable a significant number of Reborn servers. This led to the corruption of a large amount of data, and many people who died in the battle lost their memory after recovery.

Life corporation suffered colossal casualties and lost its former influence. To this day, they are busy with the recovery of victims, paying out significant compensation. The player becomes one of them. The compensation received is just enough for a new ship that will help explore the endless Supernova Shards universe and perhaps reveal its secrets.


In Supernova Shards, the division of people by place of birth, race, or faith has lost its meaning. States were replaced by Corporations, it is they who divide the spheres of influence of known star systems and discover new ones.

Corporations operate in similar principles to companies in the real world (or like DAO). Members of the corporation own its Governance tokens. This allows to elect key managers and get a part of the corp revenue.

Corporations contend for control of star systems. They provide security from internal and external threats. It makes the area more attractive to other residents and allows collecting more taxes.


Real-world analogy: Imagine that there is only one country in the world that occupies the territory of only one continent (inhabited star systems at the start of the game). The government of this country (Life Corporation, the game developer) maintains order on its territory, monitors the turnover of the national currency (LFC), and performs other service functions, in return collecting taxes from the trading operations of its residents (players). Some residents act as entrepreneurs, they develop mining, industry, science, and trade, some work for hire, some operate outside the law, and are engaged in piracy.

The governments of the new countries issue their own currency and establish their own laws. In addition, the international currency (UNIT) is in circulation, it is managed by an international bank (Interstellar Bank, the developer of the game) and it is popular due to its stability.

Blueprints NFT

Scientists will be able to invent new blueprints. They serve as intellectual property in Supernova Shards. The one who owns the blueprint, components, and production facilities can produce new goods. In addition, the blueprint can be licensed to other players, allowing to collect royalties from each copy produced.

The blueprints are NFT made according to ERC-1155 standard. Just like LFC, they can be in two states – internal and external. Each blueprint can only have ten copies.

Life Coin

Name: Life Coin
Symbol: LFC
Decimals: 9
Total Supply: 100,000,000
Address: BSC *1246, NEO *36ed
Find more on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko


DEX: PancakeSwap LFC-USDT (DEXTools)
CEX: To be announced


In-game items trade. In addition, exclusively for $LFC it will be possible to: buy initially issued Blueprints (NFT); earn LFS (gov tokens) via staking; Reborn Tech subscription and more


BSC first, but other platforms will be added soon (Ethereum, Polygon, NEO, NEAR, etc.) thanks to our multi-blockchain architecture


86 score received during the audit by MH Audits


Invest in the future of the game!
Find out more information about LFC token in our whitepaper.


By December 2022, the team at Sunday Games has grown to 20 people with a very diverse technology background. The average experience in game development for each member is over ten years. 

With an ambitious team that has experience in mainstream game development and has been involved with blockchain gaming since the first projects appeared in 2017, Supernova Shards is on track to become one of the most anticipated games for blockchain enthusiasts and newcomers from traditional gaming. By combining the team’s experience from both worlds, Sunday Games aims to make Supernova Shards accessible to everyone.