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In the world of Supernova Shards, divisions among people based on nationality become obsolete. Corporations have replaced states as the primary power structures, dividing up spheres of influence across known star systems and venturing into new ones.

Corporations compete for control over star systems. They ensure security against both internal and external threats that make the region more appealing to other inhabitants and allows for increased their revenue through taxation.

Corporations issue their own currencies to carry out their activities. There are two main ones:

  • a payment currency also called Corp Currency is used to make payments, carry out trade, collect taxes, etc.;
  • and a government currency also called Corp Shares is used to manage a corporation and distribute its profits.

When players begin their journey, they will find that the main forces controlling the known star systems are the Life Corp and Dogma Corp. These organizations recently openly fought with each other and have now concluded a truce, but no one knows for how long.

Players start at space stations owned by the Life Corp, which makes a lot of efforts to ensure security on its territory. Later they will be able to retain loyalty helping Life Corp thrive or to change sides joining Dogma Corp. But of course, the most interesting choice would be to found their own corporation or join the corporations created by other players.

Such player-driven corporations will explore and colonize new star systems, challenging the hegemony of Life and Dogma.


A corporation can issue currency. But what exactly does this mean if you were the head of a corporation?

First you should determine a name, logo, divisibility, maximum supply, and other critical parameters.

Then you need to explain the function and uses of this currency. The most common use is for trading. But not only, for example, currency owners can gain access to a closed club.

Last but most importantly, you need to create demand  and convince others that they need your currency. Dominating a territory and levying taxes in your currency is a traditional method of generating demand, but innovative strategies are pleased.

After creating a currency, anyone can store it on the their own game account and freely transfer to other game accounts. This basis underpins the game’s realistic economy.

The ability to freely transfer currency allows it to be used for exchange. The game provides convenient interfaces for exchanging currency for both in-game items and other currencies.

Corporations are free to decide what additional features to offer. For example, Life Corp allowed LFC and LFS to be transferred from a game account to a blockchain account using ERC20 standard. This will let players exchange them for other popular blockchain currencies like USDT.


It is one of the corporation’s main currencies and is used for financial transactions. Taxes are collected in this currency, so to obtain it, merchants and other entrepreneurs choose it as the main method of exchanging value. Life Corp’s LFC is a prime example of such a currency.


This is one of the main currencies of a corporation, which brings wealth and authority. Shareholders are entitled to a corresponding portion of the corporation’s profits. They also receive the voting right, which allows key managerial appointments, changes in taxes and other internal/external policy of the corporation. Life Corp’s LFS exemplifies this type of currency, embodying both economic and governance value.