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The game universe is rich in resources and remnants of ancient civilizations, Explorers are the first to find them. They use specialized ships equipped with jump drives to reach previously inaccessible star systems. Powerful scanners allow them to locate Ore Deposits and Artifacts, the location of which the Explorers sell to Miners and Scientists.

The Miners acquire data on the Ore Deposits from the Explorers. The miners then can build specialized structures to extract Ore and process it into Materials ready for transportation and use. Mercenaries ensure the miners’ safety while Carriers transport the Materials to a trading hub or any other safe location.

The Scientists acquire the Artifacts from the Explorers and study them in their laboratories, spending a significant amount of the Materials in the process. This accumulated knowledge enables them to invent Blueprints that the Scientists can sell or license to generate income from each use.

With the help of industrial facilities, Manufacturers create Components from the Materials. Then, using Scientist-licensed Blueprints, they assemble Modules or Hulls from the Components.

Mechanics equip the Hulls with the Modules in an optimal way, creating Starships, Space Stations and Planetary Bases – goods and assets in demand among all residents of Supernova Shards.

The game will feature many other activities and professions. Let’s briefly mention a few more: Mercenaries are contracted by other players, Carriers transport goods, Retailers sell goods locally, Pirates steal and rob, Landlords receive rent, Bankers collect deposits and give out loans, Managers command the resources and troops of corporations.